Ideal for long-duration energy applications and short-duration applications including demand reduction, renewables integration, backup power, and microgrid support.

Advanced Va nadium Flow Battery Provides A Fully Integrated, Containerized Energy Storage System.

The ReFlex is a single module, rapidly deployable energy storage solution designed with commercial and industrial users in mind. The battery is factory-integrated (including AC power conversion), and “plug & play.” Comprised of a single 20′ standard shipping container, the system provides 100kWAC of power for 4.5 hours, with peak power of 125kWAC and maximum energy of 500 kWhAC.

Safe and reliable, the ReFlex’s performance is third-party validated. Its upfront cost is economic, its levelized cost of energy over the 20-year system life is compelling, and its value is unmatched.

The ReFlex offers operational flexibility, providing the full range of power and energy applications required to reduce demand charges, integrate renewables, provide back-up power, and support microgrids to meet a variety of customer needs. The “all-in-one” capability of the UET system, combined with its compact footprint and broad ambient temperature tolerance (-40°F to 120°F/- 40°C to 50°C), reliably supports multiple applications in diverse locations and weather conditions.


Unlimited Cycles No Capacity Fade No thermal Runaway 100% Use of Charge Factory integration Modular Assembly Built-in sec ondary Containment Factory Testing Rapid Permitting Plug & Play Rated to Transport and Seismic Codes Zero-cost Disposal 100% Recyclable.

Peak Power 125 kWAC
Maximum Energy 500 kWhAC
Discharge time
AC (Roundtrip) Efficiency 70%
Voltage 400 VAC -15% to 480 VAC +10%
Current THD (IEEE 519) <5%THD
Response Time <100ms
Reactive Power +/- 450kVAR
Humidity 95%RH noncondensing
Footprint 160 ft2 (14.9m2)
Envelope 20′[L] x 8′[W] x 9.5′[H]
(6.1m[L] x 2.4m[W] x 2.9m[H])
Total Weight 80,000 lbs (36,300kg)
Cycle and Design Life Unlimited cycles over the 20 year life
Ambient Temp. -40°F to 122°F
(-40°C to 50°C)
Self Discharge Max 2% of stored energy



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